Brain Exercise


Molly and I spent the last hour exercising our brains. I'll let you observe.

All I ask is that you make it to "corn."
 Molly: word
 me: up
10:10 PM Molly: stairs
10:11 PM me: to heaven
 Molly: help us
 me: all
 Molly: clear
10:12 PM me: the way
10:13 PM Molly: side
 me: of the
10:14 PM Molly: egg
10:15 PM me: xellent
10:16 PM Molly: , tom
 me: orrow, tomorrow
  [by the way - last reference lost on me]
 Molly: tom selleck
  magnum p.i
  basically a champ
10:17 PM has a sweet stache
 me: oh but of course
  your turn still
10:18 PM Molly: okay so
  row row your boat
10:20 PM me: dacious
  {get it?)
 Molly: hehheh
10:21 PM me: (bodacious)
 Molly: hhha
 me: ?
  i don't have any idea what that means
 Molly: dacia sandero
10:22 PM okay lets start over
 me: you begin
 Molly: hi
10:24 PM me: way to hell
 Molly: o, goodbye
10:25 PM me: [really, the beatles?]
10:26 PM Molly: [haha you knew what that was]
  [little by little, i am corrupting you]
 me: i die a little
10:27 PM [is my answer - and i already knew that]
10:28 PM Molly: miss sunshine
 me: go away today
 Molly: show
10:29 PM me: you the world
10:30 PM Molly: wide web
10:31 PM me: ster's dictionary
 Molly: potter
Molly's idea. Diction'arry Potter
 me: [? what? i don't get this reference]
10:32 PM Molly: ['arry potter]
 me: [but dictionary?]
 Molly: [diction-ary potter]
  [it may or may not be a stretch]
10:33 PM me: [OH - yeah, that was terrible. moving on.]
10:34 PM ??
10:35 PM Molly: hahahhah
 me: [that's not your answer, is it?]
 Molly: [no]
10:36 PM me: ...torrent?
10:37 PM [i don't get what you did here]
  the musical
10:38 PM Molly: [yeah, torrent]
10:39 PM me: -upply
  (get it???)
10:40 PM Molly: [heheeh]
  like a rug
 me: by team
10:41 PM Molly: str
  [check ur fb, gurl]

5 minutes
10:46 PM me: that is so suhweeeet!
  [team str?]
 Molly: [teamster]
  [like the corrupt union guys in the '20s]
10:47 PM me: [way to forget a vowel]
 Molly: [oh hahah i thought it looked weird]
 me: fry
 Molly: day
10:48 PM me: job
  [^lame - sorry]
10:49 PM Molly: market
 me: tle corn
10:50 PM Molly: [hahahah thats awesome]
 me: [im eating some]
 Molly: [i'm not going to eat anything for the rest of my life]
 me: [shoulda shared those cupcakes]
 Molly: [thanks, weird hybrid of aesop and my mother]
10:51 PM me: [you love it. now your go]
 Molly: pie
 me: [there is NO such thing as corn pie]
10:52 PM Molly: pudding
 me: [still not a thing]
10:53 PM Molly: cake
 me: [you're joking, right? try bread]
 Molly: BREAD
 me: HAH
  ing rainbow
 Molly: [i couldn't remember what it was called!!]
 me: [weak copycat]
10:54 PM Molly: [okay okay]
  and arrow
10:55 PM me: head
 Molly: edd, and eddy
 me: on warwick
10:57 PM Molly: er basket
 me: case
 Molly: in point
10:58 PM me: er finger
 Molly: ber baby
 me: 's bottom
 Molly: sawyer
 me: in brokovich
10:59 PM Molly: y france
 me: (i dont know that one)
  ntimental value
  [you're not a chass major, so i'll let it slide]
11:01 PM me: [Good one, and whatever - it took you 4 majors to become CHASS, right?]
11:02 PM Molly: [no, it was my second]
 me: inary school
11:03 PM Molly: day
11:04 PM me: [you've already done that one]
 Molly: boy
 me: [s dpm
 Molly: [um]
 me: [sorry i messed it up give me a sec]
11:05 PM meets world
 Molly: of warcraft
11:06 PM me: [i would have done that too]
  of the ship
11:07 PM Molly: replacement
11:08 PM me: on your pillow
 Molly: road, and i'll take the high road
11:09 PM me: i've ever known!
11:11 PM Molly: criminal
11:12 PM me: ternative music
 Molly: k day
11:14 PM me: ona beach
  *tona beach
 Molly: his own
 me: ly the lonely
11:15 PM Molly: hearts club banf
 me: of brothers
11:16 PM Molly: day
11:17 PM me: [NO MORE DAY]
 Molly: [OKAY]
 me: mancipation proclamation
11:18 PM Molly: the nonbelivers
11:19 PM me: HAHAH
  e of the day
 me: [it was part of the phrase...you've used "day" as your answer about 12 times]
11:21 PM okok
  -es the world
 Molly: domination
11:22 PM me: al treasure
 Molly: book of secrets
11:23 PM me: don't make friends
 Molly: dont let friends wear zebra stripes
11:24 PM me: [i have a zebra-striped snuggie]
11:25 PM Molly: [those are acceptable uses of zebra stripes]
  [if you get a zebra striped shirt, we are done]
11:26 PM me: I GIVE UP
  what do you do with stripes???
11:28 PM Molly: de caen
  [its a french food]
  [i didnt know about it]
  [i just asked d]
  [she is a french foodie]
11:29 PM me: [yeah, i don't have french foodies near me]
  [i'm a junk foodie]
 Molly: [y yo tambien]
 What CAN you do with stripes?


Eye Candy

Ok, this is not a substantial post.
I just wanted to share this crazy neat blog I ran across the other day: Oh, hello friend. Check it out on my sidebar>>>
This post  is the best - I want to take every single one and put into a megaDesktop. The pictures  make me feel a little mushy inside, they're so pretty. Check out the castle on the rocky cliff about five down. It kind of reminds me of my sweet dream hotel,

Beautiful pictures, awesome way to waste spend time. I occasionally love design blogs, even though I'm pretty much the least artsy person on the planet.

True story: one day in Girl Scouts or something, we had to make a craft for our moms for Mother's Day. I was really really really terrible at crafting (I mean, my writing looks like chicken scratch - I practically have to use wide-ruled paper), and my project looked seriously warped. So I had a friend help me. With my mother's day present. Because I couldn't make it. My mother was kind of offended that I didn't make my own mother's day present. Hah.
Well, in retrospect, you can see why I've gone into industrial engineering...learning to use your resources as efficiently as possible? Check. Why would I make something someone else could make so much better?

right? [worst daughter ever award goes to...]

ok. Over and out.



This Study Break Brought To You By

...me, InterWebs. Seriously, me.

I have a legit post for later, but for right now I just thought I'd clue you in on some of the great thoughts that have passed through my brain this past week. Hold on to your seats, because these are really insightful.
(BTW - I feel VERY self-conscious blogging in the library, especially since the kid beside me is working on machine design homework. And I'm about to legit bomb [in the bad way] this test tomorrow. Who's a fluffball? bRob.)

So, without further ado,
 bRob's Trivial Thoughts that she's typing really quickly because she's ashamed to be caught blogging in the wooden room of utmost seriousness.

- Unicycles are the new skateboards. Seriously - I've seen bunches of unicyclists this week. Is this a hipster thing I just haven't heard of yet? Or is it just a byproduct of going to school with a bunch of nerds?

- There is no cool way to get off of a skateboard. I "studied" outside yesterday, ie I people-watched with great intensity. And during the class change, I saw 3 different skateboards stumble off their skateboard. Some stumble off and then run after their skateboard, or some jump off and run ahead and catch their skateboard...but either way, the illusion of cool ends as soon as you stop boarding. BTW - I once asked my friend to teach me how to skateboard, and he told me I needed to get over my fear of getting hurt first. I feel like that's a fairly rational fear, though...

-bRob is afraid of deer (this may not be a rational fear...). While running [...jogging] today, I came across two of them, and I stopped like a deer in headlights [hah, see what I just did?], because I was plagued with this fear that they might attack me. I saw it on tv once (...on a sitcom) - this deer attacked a girl while she was jogging. And kangaroos do it too, right? Whatever...point is I was frozen in spot until they moved. Irony.

- So I once took a spiritual gifts test and one of my gifts is, apparently, encouragement (right next to sarcasm and daydreaming). I realized I'd gone a little too far, however, when I started yelling at this guy who was about to miss the bus, "You can make it!" Yeah, I thought I said it in my head, but then I realized I said it out loud. At a crowded bus stop. Luckily everyone was too self-involved to notice =]

-I just coined a term called skunkface. It's for people that constantly look like they're smelling something gross. The girl across from me might be nice, but her snooty skunkface makes her look mean. Skunkface. That's mean, isn't it. Shame on me.

- I'm about to go all bombtastic on this test. And in this context, bombtastic is bad.

Over and out.


The Bizarre Daydreams of a 10-year-old

     Oh, are you still here, InterWebs? I'm sorry I left you waiting. I still love you, no worries. You're the best internet friend I've got, Webs. I may update my facebook status as if it were a Twitter feed, but, really, you're more important. Honest.
     This week has been ... not as bad as last week, but I've been trying to be more diligent about my work. Following a clear schedule, not waiting to the last minute, prioritizing (ie NOT blogging instead of doing my simulations hw), using Google calenders to plan every minute of my life (I have sleep planned from 2:30-6:00)....you think I'm joking, but my life flows according to Google. Well, in theory. I actually keep hitting snooze and oversleeping and not making any of my planned study sessions. I'll let you know how next week goes.
Maybe you're wondering about the curious title of this post. Are you, InterWebs? Sure.
I warn you that the rest of this post is really weird.

    I daydream a lot. Like, all the time. I don't know if I should be embarrassed or secretly proud of my awesome imagination...probably embarrassed, since I'm no longer in elementary school. I was chillaxing in my room this afternoon with the window open and a breeze blowing (thank-you, early Spring :), and I suddenly remembered this bizzare-o fantasy I had as a little kid. And I'm going to share it with you.

    When I was young, I used to daydream about living in this isolated, quiet, beautiful hotel [ie, not a Marriott/Hampton/whatever, not filled with honeymooners, no obnoxious people, and lots of food]. I would have my own sweet little hotel room with a white desk and bed set near a big window. If I remember correctly, the hotel had turrets, kind of like a castle. It was perched on the beach, but the beach didn't have any sand. Instead it had lots and lots of dark black rocks.They weren't the kind that cut your feet - they were smooth, round, black rocks, maybe like the kind you'd find at the bottom of a river.
    And the hotel, which was simple and large, sat right on top of these rocks at the very edge of the ocean. Behind the hotel, kind of enveloping it, were lots and lots of tall dark trees. Evergreen-y trees. And above that was a wide gray sky. Gray and silent. Not stormy, but just gray. I think gray, gloomy-looking skies are the best.
A real live picture of a castle turret. I took it myself.
    I figured all of my friends would live in hotel rooms somewhere close to mine....and I'm pretty sure I had made up a boyfriend to live somewhere in the isolated hotel as well [on another floor, of course]. We probably skipped along the rocky beach together, holding hands and doing whatever it is ten-year-olds do. Probably mermaid-watching. {I mean, I was 10...there were almost certainly mermaids in this daydream.}

But, I distinctly remember the solitude of it all. I think there's a certain romanticism (romance?) to gray skies and peace and quiet. Or maybe I'm just an introverted granny at heart.
   It is absolutely bizarre that I remembered this dream after so many years. And it kind of appeals to me again. But, as lovely as my isolated hotel on the beach/in the forest might be, I think it might bore me now. At this age, I simultaneously seek relaxation and to keep busy.

Is there ever a relaxing sort of busy?

over and out,

PS- just for the record, I love my family. I think I just felt like living at a hotel would be one never-ending sleepover with my own bathroom and good cable. Shortsighted, I know.
PPS - In my next life I want to be an artist, so these amazing daydreams can be properly documented. Hah.


n00bs: How to Spot a Freshman

InterWebs, long ago, way back when, here, actually, I promised I would write a post on spotting freshmen from miles away. And now is the time, Webs. I'm seizing the day and carpe diem-ing it up and writing this post about those little ole n00bs [<-- that's right, I keep it real with the nerd lingo] that seem to infiltrate every college campus year after year after year. Seriously, we've called pest control, but the kidz just keep coming back...and back...hah.
    Anyways - freshmen are so full of promise and hope. They all dream so so big, probably because they haven't been in college long enough to get that swift reality kick, Chuck Norris style, to the head. How CAN you spot a freshman from miles away? Oh, believe me, it isn't very hard. But after reading these four key steps, you'll be a freshman spotting expert. Truthfully, I don't know to what end you would want to make a tally of all the freshmen you see....but you should read anyways. For me? Thanks, InterWebs.

And thus we begin:
How to Spot A Freshman from Miles Away

1. They Live a Life of Extremes
Have you ever noticed that there is no middle ground with freshies? It's absolutely all or nothing with the youngins. They either come to class in their pajamas, slippers, and some cray cray hair, or they come in dressed to the nines [what a legit saying], complete with heels or shiny loafers, and occasionally a fedora, or a briefcase. Freshmen either run to class to get there on time and sit on the front row or fall asleep/never come to class [I was the former. Obvs.].They either spend every night in the library, dividing their time between sleeping in the bean bags, skyping with their friends in the commons, ordering triple-shot Bookstack Mochas, and pretending to do their Webassigns, or, it is not uncommon to hear freshmen claim they have to have 12 hours of sleep to function. So instead they spend their time playing video games, taking mental health days, and sleeping an unreal number of hours.I think the steady-state does not occur until halfway into junior year, honestly.

Freshmen, I envy you SO much. I have no desire to cook, nor have I ever had a desire to cook (you can read further about my domestic shortcomings in #2 of this post.) But, since I don't have a MEAL PLAN, it's either do or die. And mostly, that means starving myself of essential nutrients and living on a bagel and a can of tuna per day. Are you guys even aware of how much food lies at the tips of your fingers? Do you KNOW how sweet it is to just walk up and grab whatever food you want from the dining hall? They have CAPTAIN CRUNCH in there! Were you aware of this?? And you can get unlimited amounts of soft serve yogurt, and you can even put peanut butter in it [try it...it's delicious]. The worst is when I have to watch you guys at the on-campus coffee shop. I dig deep into my pockets and weed through all the lint for dimes simply so I can I can afford my coffee. And then I watch a freshman come up and order approximately 10 orange juices, one cookie, a whole wheat bran muffin [yep, that'll spare you, like, 10 calories], and "uh, what else can I fit on my meal plan?" I used to work at that coffee shop, and every day these n00bs with excessive amounts of meal plans would just buy a bajillion cookies to use 'em up. Mostly, I'm just jealous because I want excessive amounts of cookies too.

3. They Have a Facebook Album Succinctly Titled 'College'
Because they will only ever have one album's worth of pictures in their entire university career. Obviously.

4. [My favorite] Freshmen Know Exactly When They'll Graduate and What They'll Be Doing
No, really. I think every single freshman I've ever met ever in the history of ever knows precisely what he/she wants to do post-graduation. No one else seems to know, but somehow, as a young ambitious freshman, he/she's got the key. I've actually had a freshman come up to me and tell me why his major was better than mine, then he proceeded to tell me that there wasn't a whole lot one could do with my major [really? engineering?]. Bless his little heart, I kind of wanted to kick him in the shin. But lest I judge - I used to be that kid. I was originally going to graduate in 3 years (hah. hah. HAH) and go change the world doing something. I forget what. But seriously - go ask any freshman what he wants to do when he graduates - and with a twinkle in his eye, he'll give you his surefire 5 step plan to success. Adorable. I'm in my [first] senior year, and I have no idea what I'm doing or where I'm going. How funny would it be to get a freshman to mentor me to the path of success? They're all so confident that they have it.

I think that's the thing about freshmen. They crazy confident. They're away from home - no more rules, no more mamasitas telling them to brush their teeth, no more chores, lots of independence, unlimited computer access, soft serve yogurt, and pajama Fridays [can we make that a "thing"?]. Oh little freshman, the world is YOUR oyster. Like Dr. Suess said, go climb that big mountain or whatever. 

  Pictures of little freshman bRob.  So awkward.                                         


Things That Go Bump in the Night

   Tonight was creepy, InterWebs [...and Insomniacs].
 Just for context: I am a library regular. Seriously, I'm in there every night from early evening/afternoon until the breaking of dawn. So I generally like to find a parking spot near the 'brary, so I don't have to walk too far when it gets scary out. Which it does...at 3am.
Well, tonight, there was absolutely no parking. Apparently, everyone and his mother's brother's ex-girlfriend thought it was time to hang out in the library. I don't know who all these fool kids think they are, but they are NOT library regulars, like me. Seriously, WHERE is my V.I.P. parking?? Anyways - I had to park way out in the boonies in a pile of shrubbery that has never seen the light of day. Megacreepy. I think I just violated the number one rule of every single one of those "Things Single Women Should Never Do" chain emails that my grandma sends me on a bi-weekly basis.What could I do? Studying had to be done.

Fast forward to Marcia and I driving home tonight. There is one parking spot decently close-ish to our building...and as I pull in, we notice something VERY strange in the window of the car beside us. Very creepy. Actually, I didn't notice, but Marcia started yelling and freaking out about what looks like a  "guy" in the car next to us. I jam the car into reverse (ok...I drive an automatic, there isn't a whole lot of jamming), and speed away (and by "speed", I mean my little 2.0L engine revved just enough to sound cute). We spend approximately 2 minutes idling in the parking lot hiding behind some cars, and then we drive around to the VERY OPPOSITE side of the complex, where there are a few pitiful parking spaces left.

So, after parking miles away from my apt, there is of course the concern that "guy" might hop out of his car [at 3 am] and steal our textbooks and mechanical pencils. So we trot very quickly, walking back to back so we can survey the entire parking lot. That's right, we walked hand in hand and back to back and then ran as quickly as we could up the stairs. And then ran inside and now we're studying some more.

I'm going to go to sleep with visions of Freddy Krueger dancing through my head.

Don't worry, InterWebs, I put on my pants one leg at  a time, just like you. Except when I put mine on, I'm a winner.

scurred and uh-frayed,


Who are the Glitter Ponies?

 Sarah's soccer team. Oh don't worry, InterWebs, I thought it was a strip club too. Am I allowed to say that? I guess that isn't particularly family friendly....ok, it won't happen again.

Here is yesterday, in a nutshell:

8:28 I leave my apt for the bus. Then I realize it's raining. So I run up a bazillion stairs and head back to my apartment to grab my umbrella. But figuring out all my keys is going to take forever...so I don't go in. I run back down a bazillion stairs and march boldly into the rain. Even though my hair looks really cute.

9:10am - Lab. Lab is only ten minutes long. Why...couldn't I have stayed in bed?

9:25 Instead of going back to bed, my lab partner wanted to begin working on our project due next week. So I spend the next three hours designing a wheel hub in SolidWorks with my lab buddy Carrie. Oh, believe me, InterWebs, it's a bangin' wheel hub. And it's perfect for sandcasting. Not to toot my own horn or anything. But secretly I still wanted to go back to bed.

12:20 Lunch at my new fave[orite] restaurant, Mitch's. Honestly, I think half the fun is the fact that you have to climb a set of stairs to get the restaurant.And it's so full of personality. But seriously, all my favorite restaurants require you walk up a sketchy narrow set of stairs. Maybe it makes it feel exclusive?

Black Bean Chili

Mitch's. Isn't it so cool? So much personality!
So, I really wanted to include a picture of Sarah here. But it was not for lack of trying...blogger wouldn't let me. I ate lunch with her, and she looked adorable, and I wanted to show you all, but her picture kept uploading sideways. Sorry, Webs.

Look - the balcony! Isn't that cute? And you can look over and watch the students scurrying about campus. I wanted to include another picture...blogger messed that one up too. >:[

2:30 - 6:30 Dillydally. Watch Parks and Rec. Then start typing my application for XXXXXX. I can't tell you yet, InterWebs. Maybe if I get in, but for now, it's kind of top secret.

7:00 Go over to Molly's. Eat lentils and rice. Have a jam session to old school Beatle's music. She plays a guitar that misses a string, I sing. Badly.

7:05  Molly refuses to be in pictures for my blog. I don't know why; it's such a worthy cause!

7:45 Get bored. We decide to head over to the cupcake shoppe.

8:00 Cupcake shoppe is closed. We head over to the mall. The mall is busy. I also almost yelled at some hootchie mamas in their leggings and uggs that cut Molly and I off, and then just stood in our way. Like, we had to stop walking and finally told them to move. I thought about punching them, but I figured that's the sort of thing Jesus wouldn't really condone.

8:30 After a nice jaunt through the mall, we find warm cookies to eat. Yum.

8:45 Walk back to our car. After leaving the mall, Molly almost killed us twice. Both times by turning into the wrong lane. Thanks, girl. You remind me how fragile life is.

9:00 Get our geek on at Barnes and Noble.

10 - 11:30 Watch 30 Rock and point out Liz Lemon's redeeming qualities. Oh, and facebook stalk.

That was about it for yesterday. Today, I went running a lot of miles (um, 2.5) and then MADE QUESADILLAS!!!! OH MY goodness, please be as impressed as I am. I had to brown meat AND heat up beans.
     Future husband - I'm really trying to learn how to cook. But honestly, how about we just  make enough money so we can eat out all the time? Or you could cook for me? We'll talk.

This is my serious cooking face.
You HAVE to admit that looks really good, right? NOT EVEN BURNT!

I have also been wanting to show you the view from my window. It's kind of cool, because I've got trees AND a sidewalk, and across the street is a shopping center. I can people watch [stalk] all day long! I really enjoy it.

If you get anything from this post, it's that I can't use a camera. Don't hate - I really tried.



Talkin' to the Ether

Hey-o, InterWebs. Again - I have a really long post I've been wanting to write and share, but it'll have to wait. I wanted to share something that JUST happened.

Pops - the man who looks awkward in the eye and says, Wut Up Awkward?

   Today was just so long. Long long long. It was filled with numerous awkward, uncomfortable moments that made me cringe. A lot. And for those of you who know me, I have an extremely high awkward threshold. I tend to bulldoze right through awkward moments [I get it from mi Padre]. So imagine how awkward this awkward must have been to make me cringe.

     It was just one of those days that is  wave after wave after wave of uncomfortable. It was also one of those days that reminded me following Christ requires sacrifice. I cannot always do what is easiest, what will make me the most friends, what makes the most sense. Sometimes I have to hurt people's feelings, or avoid situations and temptations, or stand by myself, or just be incredibly awkward. I am a disciple of the Lord, and, hurt as it may sometimes, I simply cannot put myself in certain situations or do what people expect, or, stranger yet, do what the old, pre-Jesus, pre-WashedInTheHolySpirit Brittany would do.

   And I don't know if you remember my melodramatic post about Khan , but this semester was somewhat of a rude awakening. I'm going to be extremely honest, InterWebs - I began with such fluffball hopes and plans for this semester. I was going to be so studious and nerdy in my graduate classes, and finally be cute and wear blazers and wool skirts; I was going to be fun and happy and move past the hard stuff. And then the LORD reminded me that life isn't just about me anymore, not at all.
    Instead, this semester began without any good friends. Situations changed. This semester began with the same hurt and temptation, back seemingly stronger than ever. This semester began with tears, disappointment, rejection, and loneliness. It was overwhelming and impossible. And I was angry. 
  God wanted me to come to Him in my need. Not to some boy. Not to my besties. Not to anyone who would listen. He wanted me to learn how to come to Him.
    By nature, I am a sharer. I tell everyone my everything. I am vulnerable, honest, and kind of needy. And suddenly there was no one but God. And so I told God what I felt. I like to "be real" with God - so I tell Him if I'm angry, or hurting, or impossible-d out. Some of the time. After I've already pre-shared with someone else.
      But today was sort of first for me, and somewhat of a "landmark moment" in my relationship with the LORD. After a long, frustrating day, I wanted to pour out to someone. I wanted someone to listen sympathetically and encourage me and tell me I am doing the right thing. And so I mentally began to scroll through my contacts list thinking about whom I could call while I waited on the bus that took a century and a half to come. And I knew she was busy, she heard me whine last week, she and her boyfriend are hanging out, he doesn't care, I haven't heard from him recently, etc etc etc. Normally I go to great lengths to find someone with whom I can talk. The sharer in me has to share and has to vent and wants someone to listen to her.

    And suddenly, I remembered I had God. [Isn't that sad? I "remembered."] I can talk to Him. He can and will comfort me. And I just began praying. Right there, on the bus.
     I didn't desperately call people to comfort me. I didn't send out mass texts so I could get enough sympathy to fill up my sympathy vat [can sympathy be a love language? ahah]. I went to God.
      God grew me. God grew me. Before I even knew it, He grew me. I came to Him without exhausting every other resource. I came to Him to share my hurt and concerns. I came to Him.

I guess ...I just wanted to share that. Not to brag, not by any means to boast. Well, I guess, to boast about my God. He is changing me. 

And you saw it! You, InterWebs, witnessed my confusion in the Khan post. And now you get to witness the budding result. However small it may seem, I chose to rely on God today.

I just think this picture is full of happy.
 I wish you could know  how big this was for me, InterWebs. Not that I might be esteemed, but so that you might see what God can do.



PS - If you don't know Jesus in a "being real", personal kind of way, I must sound like a real whackadoodle - talkin' to the Ether on the bus instead of calling friends. Hah.



I love this post by Jon Acuff, of Stuff Christians Like. I have a post I've really been wanting to write for a while, but I've been holding off until I really actually have the time (which isn't right now...thanks, Professor B)

Anyways, if you want something to read, read this.

Today I am thankful for the library. I know that is such a nerdy thing to say, but I remember when I was little, about 7?, I could not wait until I was 12 and could go to the library by myself. I would beg my mom to take me to the library, and I threw a hissy fit if I wasn't promised at least a solid hour. I generally left with about 18 books in multiple "Thank-You" bags [I wish that were an exaggeration, but eighteen is about right]. I think my mom was more embarrassed then proud...hah. And here I am - I am allowed to go the library any time I want. And believe me, I take full advantage. I spend entire nights here, even. Except when you're in college, going to the library doesn't hold quite the same appeal as it did when you were 12. Regardless, I love the library.




These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.

John 16:33

And that is enough for me.

I didn't even steal this photo.  Do you find it peaceful and inspiring? Yeyaaaa.
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