5-Year Plan

I went to an industrial engineering conference this weekend. I had a great time with these girls - eating, learning, listening, laughing, dancing....stuff. There were so many excellent speakers, and a good time was had by all. Or at least by me.

Something we learned during one lecture is to create SMART goals for yourself, where SMART is...


In the spirit of professionalism and conferences and engineering and futures and soforth, and with specific and attainable goals in mind,  here is my five-year plan:

Step 1:
Post a video of me doing something [?] on the youtube. 

Ideas being tossed around include playing the cello and singing T.I.'s Live Your Life, and...ok, that's really the only idea I've got so far.

Step 2:
Become an internet sensation, kind of like this guy

Step 3:
I think we all agree that Step 2 would classify me as a celebrity.

Step 4: 
Try out [?] for Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice.
Step 5:
Dominate Celebrity Apprentice
Man, I love the premise of that show. And as an IE, I would blow those models and comedians out of the water. I hope my future friend Donald is reading this.

The real question is this: what other celebrities should be on my season of Apprentice? So far all I've got is IBM's Watson and probably the guy who plays Ron Swanson on Parks and Rec, for obvious reasons. We would clearly be the three muskateers of the show. 

Thoughts? Can you top my five-year plan?
[Doubt it]



God is Good

I'm about to run off to class [I've attended EVERY class this week; are you impressed?], but I thought I should share some good news with you guys. I'll make it brief so I'm not late to class [because that would be new...].

One of the best ways to blind a Christian is to make him or her take God's blessings and gifts for granted, or not even recognize that they're from God [I think C.S. Lewis hit on this in the Screwtape Letters?]. We pray for things, but then when our prayers our answered, we flippantly believe that these things would have occured anyways.

So, before I rush off to class, I wanted to share two of my answered prayers and give God full credit for His blessings.

- Last week, McFly developed some weird sort of eye lump/sore thing. He's had it before, and it took a few weeks to go away. However, after losing Mariella, I did not want to take any chances with his health. . However, vet's offices are crazy expensive, even for a pet that fits in your hand [well, theoretically. McFly's turned into a chunky dunk.] A friend and I prayed for McFly last week - for quick healing, healing without needing to take him to the vet - etc. Within two days, McFly's eye was completely back to normal. 

God is good. He cares even about my little rat.

- You all may recall the dramatic emergency room visit a few weeks ago. I got a bill last week for over ten times as much as I was expecting, and even after insurance, it looked like I would have to pay close to $700. The hospital finance department was quite rude. I prayed that the Lord would be sovereign in this situation, even though I was angry as all get out - ready to bust some hospital doors down. My parents called to let me know a few days ago that insurance had negotiated the bill in half, and now I don't have to pay anything!

God is good.

I just wanted to share how God had answered my prayers. I have such weak faith, but it is so good to see the LORD answer prayers so clearly, swiftly, but most importantly, faithfully. He answers in such a way that I can trust His hand is ever-present in my life.

So, here's to trusting that God is sovereign in all situations, the little ones and the broken, messy ones.



Rough Day

it's been a stressful day.
but that stressful? 
i just don't know.
i'm off to study for a couple of tests. 


There's a Curve, and I'm Most Assuredly Behind It

My roommate just made fun of me because apparently everybody has already heard Gotye's Somebody That I Used to Know (featured in the previous post).

I was so disappointed; I thought for once I was ahead of the curve - sharing new music to the masses [via my extremely popular blogumentary] - to which she responded, "Nah, Ryan Seacrest beat you to it."

Ugh. There is no curve that I will ever be ahead of.



Used to Know

Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye

Have you seen this tune running round the Webs? 

I'd seen a couple of people post it, but I never gave it much of a shot because the first 30 seconds bored me 

[...I know, I know, that's lame.]

 I finally bucked up and listened all the way through, and I love it. Where they sing at one another? wonderful.

Is it totally off-base to say that his voice reminds me the eensiest  bit of Phil Collins'?

I think one of the reasons I like the song so much [aside from his sweet phil-ish voice] is because I identify so keenly with his sentiment. It is rough, those breakups. Somebody that you used to know.

Man - whatta song, whatta gem, whatta find.



Things You Probably Don't Think Are Worth Blogging About

But they are, to me. They are.

I ripped my pants this weekend. If that isn't a sign that someone needs to get her slightly doughy self to the gym, I sure don't know what is.

My friend, who doubles as my personal trainer because I asked her what sort of things I could do to not have my pants rip open again, sent me a link on being a motivated runner.

Well, lucky for me, I am one step ahead of the game, because Tip #1 is to blog. So now I just have to be fully transparent with you and let you know whether or not I'm running. You, of course, are not allowed to judge me, but rather love me and support me, and by that I mean just praise me when I run and absolutely do not question me if I don't. Also, it would be great if you exclaimed, "WOW look how much weight you've lost you must be running marathons on a bi-daily basis" every so often when passing me on campus or at the Lion or wherever. wherever.

Guys, here goes. I RAN today. 5 [read: 2] miles. Ok, ok, ok, I'll be more honest about my mileage when it isn't so I-eat-Gigi's-free-cupcakes-every-Thursday sad, you know what I mean?

In other news, my little weekend jaunt resulted two project extensions. And here I sit, after the initial due date of the project, not any closer to having started. I'm kind of operating under the "Well, i can't NOT turn it in so it'll get done somehow before tomorrow night" philosophy. Just not right now. It won't get done now.

Aside from me going to the gym by myself of my own accord, today was not special, if you know what I mean. If you are in a happy relationship, congratulations for you [seriously. ish.], but you probably don't know what I mean. If you're single and relishing your freedom, you also don't know what I mean. If you are 10x the Christian I am and spent today focusing on God's love for us, you are way more on your A-game and also probably do not know what I mean. For the rest of you, you might know what I mean.

Time to go listen to Duffy or Ray.


PS - I'm really hungry.


Whirlwind Surreality


My weekend jaunt was surreal. I landed in a flat, wide state covered in more snow than I'd ever seen in my entire life. I saw friends I hadn't seen in four years. We relived lots and lots of tales from our time as camp counselors in the Colorado mountains. I went to my first ever bachelorette party. I attended a wedding. I rode home in a tiny plane with someone with serious gastrointestinal issues, which meant I spent a good majority of the flight gagging and looking around to spot the gassy culprit [no luck].

I took lots of photos.

I also left my camera in Colorado.

No photos for you, Webs.

Another day, I suppose. Whenever my camera makes its way back home.

In lieu of photos, here's the "first dance" song. I'd never heard it before, but it fits the style of the couple well. 

I would apologize for how lame this photo-less post is, but then I remembered that it's my blogumentary, and blogumentaries are honest, not necessarily interesting. Right? yeah.



From the Tundra

Dear blog -

   I forgot to tell you I wouldn't be here for a few days because I flew out to Colorado. Between being sick, going to the emergency room, and general Maury-style drama llama, I didn't have time to warn you that I'd be gone. And I knew you'd notice because I'm  normally super consistent about posting.

Pics, stories, hilarity to come.


PS - it is super cold here in this state. they collect snow here like it's their job.


Endless Loop

I'm currently studying for an exam I couldn't take this morning because of a late night emergency room run. Don't worry, I'm fine - just a real wimp when it comes to ear infections. That stuff is sick-nasty. I couldn't sleep last night, even after the meds. I think part of the problem may be that my ibuprofen expired in 2010 but I like to think it works anyways...maybe it just doesn't. Remedied - bought new ibuprofen today while fulfilling a prescription for more drugs.

If you didn't know me any better, these might sound like things an adult would do. Prescriptions, using drugs that aren't expired...

Found this little nugget on the youtube [I love it when people say 'the' first] and have been listening to it on endless loop:

Fun fact, I once had a computer science class with this guy. I didn't realize til a year later that he was a member of the band Bombadil. Cool, eh?

This song makes me feel weepy.

and also i'm having a giant pity party. That makes me feel weepy too.

Off to study some more.
Longer letter later,



last week i was super sick.
i'm better now, and also we're out of kleenex and toilet paper.
Today's been another rough day. I say that not because I want pity, but because I'm blogumenting my feelings. And I'm big on full disclosure. 

Beyond that, there isn't much to say about my melodrama, but I wanted to share my go-to Bible verse for hard days.

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted 
   and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
Psalm 34:18

And my go-to tune:

Unrelatedly, I met with my senior design group to discuss a really unimportant ten-minute presentation for our Wednesday class. Here are one group member's thoughts on presentations:

"You know how I prepare for a presentation? I show up and then present."

"One time, to look like I'd actually prepared, I grabbed some blank notecards and flipped through them while I talked."

I am super thankful for my stellar team. We have too much fun, seeing as how we're putting in so many hours with a company that isn't paying us. hah.



Sally Forth

About some time ago, I promised myself that I would never blog when I am either in the throes of anger or despair. Clearly, I forgot who I was dealing with, because obviously discretion and whatever the appropriate word is for keeping one's feelings to oneself  - these are not things in which I excel.

I know I'll find today's earlier post marginally embarrassing at some point, so I thought I'd qualify it with this post. However, I am neither embarrassed nor sorry enough to remove it entirely, because this is, at the end of the day, a blogumentary. The bad thing about being bRob is that you will embarrass yourself a lot percent of the time. The good thing about being bRob is that you'll probably forget about it pretty quickly.

However, I can still say that today has not been a good day. In fact, it's been unhappy.

But one thing I want to share with you is a little bit of truth and honesty. One of my biggest struggles is really understanding what God's love looks like. I know that it is all around me. But, broken as I am, it is something I have struggled to internalize for a while. It's God's Truth that keeps me going, but it's His Love that saved me, and it's His Love I don't really know. If that makes any sense at all.

However, something to which I've always been sensitive is how other people love me. When people make time for me, or follow up with me, or speak words of encouragement, it is such a blessing and it means SO much. Even when I am outright rebelling against the Lord, I see small glimmers of His grace through some of the people in my life and the kindness they extend.

 I  began to think about some of the things my brothers and sisters in Christ have done out of love for me. And really, I thought about how their love is a mere reflection of God's love. God's love that I see dimly. I dwelt on the fact that what my brothers and sisters do for me, they do on behalf of One who loves me more. Way more than they could. Not that they don't love me, but that He loves me unfathomably more, and their outpouring of love is a result of His love. Convoluted? Maybe when I explain it.

But as an exercise for myself - I replayed these events and things my friends have done for me as if God Himself was behind them.. Which He is.

Here's kind of how that worked (in my head):
* About a year ago, God sent me postcards every couple of days with encouraging words and verses on them for at least two months.

* Over a year ago, God stayed late after teaching a seminar late at night to ask me why I was upset and talk to me about my walk with God and why I was crying.

* In the fall of 2010, God pulled me aside before my baptism because He could tell I was nervous, and He prayed over me.

* Last semester, God paid for my lunch without even thinking twice about it, just because.

* Last month, God texted, messaged, and called me after Mariella got sick to see if I was alright and needed help.

* A few weeks ago, God texted me after Bible Study because I seemed upset. God then poured out words of encouragement and understanding.

* Tonight, God met me after a long day at work because I texted, in distress, at the last minute. God then listened intently, talked, laughed, and prayed with me.

All of you - I am so thankful God has blessed me with your friendships. He is gracious to have given me such sweet friends who show His love so well.

I have a lot of growing to do in understanding God's love [aaaaand in general]. But as I sally forth, I am reminded of His love by the way you guys love me.

Thanks for pointing me towards Him, even when I'm turned the other way.


PS - I really thought the term was tally forth, but I googled it beforehand and changed it to sally forth puh-retty quickly. Because that would've been embarrassing. 

98 and a half

Do you remember that scene from Mean Girls where Lindsey's character eats her lunch on a toilet in a stall in the girl's high school bathroom?

Ninety-eight and a half percent of the time I find that scene utterly revolting. Why on earth would anyone ever eat in a public restroom? I cannot think of any nastier place to eat food.

But today, for the first time, I had the sort of day that made me want to eat my lunch quietly and by myself in a high school bathroom.

I get it, Lindsey Lohan character.

Some days there are worse things than germs and gross.

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