Let's Pray

Hi readers -

   One of my friends and Bible Study leaders just went into premature labor and also has high blood pressure. I don't know much about the situation, but it is my understanding that they are extremely concerned about the baby. Please stop and pray for my sweet friend and her husband and their little one.

I'm praying too.



The Cool of the Day

One of my favorite parts of the creation account is in Genesis 3:8:

"They heard the sound of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day..."

Now this verse is post-Fall and takes a dark turn right after these words as it goes on to describe Adam and Eve cowering and hiding from God in their shame. But , just looking at this first portion of the verse, I love that the Lord was there, in the cool of the day, to walk with His children.

Whenever I go on walk, I always think about that verse. I think of the Lord walking with Adam and Even through Eden, and whenever I feel a sweet, sudden breeze, I think about the fact that He probably likes walking with me, too. 

Today I walked to the rose garden. It's a beautiful spot, and I can't even imagine how many kisses, hand-holding lovers, proposals, and weddings that garden has seen. 

Of course I just went by myself. I picked up some of the fallen petals laying on the ground. I love the smell of roses.

I thought I might press the petals or do something artsy with them.

Instead I sprinkled them on my roommate's bed. 




That's Probably Not Right

Truth: I can eat to the point of discomfort.
Once, when my family ate fondue, I ate so much that I laid down on the couch, couldn't move, and moaned in agony for two hours.

Truth: I can exercise up until I feel the slightest discomfort.
As soon as I feel slightly ache-y, it ends. 
Which means as soon as two minutes of mildly rigorous exercise has begun, I call it quits.

So, in review - I can eat until I absolutely hurt, but I can only exercise if nothing hurts, nothing is sweaty, and I'm not exerting too much effort.

That's messed up.



Monday Morning Jams

Happy Monday, InterWebs!

Go conquer lots of things!
Such as:
Finishing [starting?] a data structures project
Getting recommendation letters from professors
Starting a personal statement
Buying groceries so that there is more to eat in the house than ice cream
Figuring out why the commode keeps making weird noises
Lots of other stuff



DeadBeat II

I'll be back one day, I promise.

GRE's have come and gone, I have another exam about something in some subject tomorrow, and a slew of things next week. But don't we all?

So I will return to blogging with regularity after tomorrow's exam. It'll be like I took blog-Metamucil.

Trust me, my life is still incredibly embarrassing, I still spend way too much time on the InterWebs browsing for things to make you look at, and I'm as querulous as ever,  so I have lots and lots to write.

After tomorrow. 

Also, here is my friend Kyle eating a cupcake. 
He helped me solve today's cupcake shoppe riddle, so I thought it only fair he get my extra cupcake.

How awesome is megaCupcake? 
And Kyle's megaMouth?

You know it's a good cupcake when you get icing up your nose trying to eat it.




Grandma: "Wha...where did all my brandy go? It must have evaporated."
oh really? is that what happened, Grandma? 

Grandma: "Blackberry brandy is really good for the diarrhea."
words of wisdom. 

Still studying. Not loving it.



The Dictionary is my Bedtime Reading: GRE Update

No joke. It is.

I am learning some intense vocabulary.

Unfortunately, having this arsenal of beautiful words at my disposal is a lot like having a closet full of ballgowns. They're perfect and exactly what I need for this one day, and after that they'll just be ridiculous.

After all, how often can you drop the word pusillanimous in casual conversation?



someone's being a deadbeat

Hey Blogosphere -

   I just wanted to write you a quick note saying, yes, I do know I am being a terrible blogger, and also that I am very sorry. I have the GRE's next week and am in crunch mode, so you probably won't see very much of me for a little bit, but know that I will be back soon. Very soon.

Also, I have a really neat [...subjectivity] idea for a delicious new segment. And by "really neat" I might mean "extremely dumb".

a temporary adieu,

P.S. I'm still going to group workouts, and imma tell you what, bRob 2.0 has triceps that are hard. as. rock!

HealthyintheCountry via Asdfghjkllove
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