Sweet Beer Music

It's been a while, InterWebs.

But recently I found some material which I think would make a lovely technicolor post. Maybe. I've become somewhat of a sketchy person recently so I'm not guaranteeing follow-through on that one. Full disclosure.

Regardless, it made me think about dusting off the little old blog. And when I heard this commercial, I knew it was certainly time for another commercials with music post. Wham bam, thank-you Sam. Adams.

Overwhelmed by Tim Morris

Enjoy. Also, Sam Adams makes a good Oktoberfest. Free nugget for you.

Merry Autumn,

P.S. I hope this is exactly what you were expecting when you clicked on a post titled, 'Sweet Beer Music'.


Anchors Aweigh: McFly

Editor's Note: If you don't like gushy pet stories, feel free to not read this post. Honestly, I recommend it. I hate gushy pet stories. But this is mine. It's unapologetically gushy and I need to write it. It's more for me than it is for you.

I have lost three pets in an approximately six month time span. First it was Mariella, then my cat of 18ish years, Dorothy, died a few weeks ago, and now McFly. I miss him the most.

Pathetic though it may be, I bought him in a sort of lonely period in my life. I suppose in place of human friendship I sought animal companionship. Not really, but a little. Don't dwell on that.

It wasn't exactly an impulse - I spent a good month contemplating the purchase of my rat. And then bought him as a birthday present to me.

(McFly was from PetSmart, before I really knew about animal rescues)
McFly and I were not immediately best friends. He had an extremely jumpy personality. He also had a knack for escaping and squeezing into small spaces and running faster than I can.

When I first got McFly, I was living with a couple of girls who were animal whisperers. Whenever I brought him out to "play", he ran from me like I was the grim reaper, but he was always somewhat subdued around them. One time he actually fell asleep in S.'s arms [right after peeing on me]. It was a very precious scene, if you cropped out the part where I was sitting nearby looking bitter and pouting.

However, when he woke up, he heard a loud thump. He ran his speedy little self across the couch and cowered by me. S. cooed, "Aww, you're his anchor!" She explained an anchor is the person he clings to when he's scared or afraid.

Well, cool. I was his anchor.

That did not stop him from being downright obnoxious. Our first year together was, at times, rocky. At one point he escaped from his cage and hid in the box springs of my bed - what followed was an hour of cursing, squeaking, and rat wrestling, and then days of paranoia about whether or not he would hate me forever. Then there was the day he up and bit me my chin all the way to the bone. Rough.

over the past two years, mcFly and i have done lots of studying together

But at some point I think he adjusted to the fact that he was stuck with me. Especially after Mariella died, he and I developed a sort of rhythm. He learned to quit peeing on me, and I learned that when he sat in a certain spot, he wanted to be picked up.

this picture melts me
And then he got sick. I tried to be more proactive this time around - antibiotics, vet visits, switching to baby food fairly early in his sickness. All the same - his breathing was laborious and strained, and he'd stopped running around. Eventually his days consisted of sitting in one spot and maybe eating a bit of food. He did not even go into his cage; he merely sat on top.

During his sickness he became extremely clingy. He wanted me to hold him all of the time. If I left the room, the rat who barely moved would rotate so that he was facing the door. He would rest gently and actually fall asleep in my arms. McFly was sick, tired, and every breath exhausted him. And in his pain and what I think might have been a little bit of fear, he clung to me.

I was his anchor.

just a day or two ago
His last option involved a series of daily treatments that might manage his illness. Or euthanasia. When Mariella died I wasn't really educated on the timing and details of putting a pet down. But having seem one pet die a slow, painful death, I knew better this time.

Making this decision was agonizing. I hated all the factors that weighed in - expense, time, convenience, McFly's suffering. And then my job. Next week I start travelling on a regular basis - at the least, four days a week.

If I were still in college, I think I would push him through those treatments. And I would fight the good fight with him. But that isn't really an option, now that my job is starting. While I was on the road, he would go through a series of stressful treatments with someone else pushing the buttons.

I felt the most merciful thing, then, would be to put him down. I was the only person he liked, and not being there while he went through all of that seemed cruel.

I took him to the vet yesterday. A dear friend drove me there and held my hand the entire time. The staff and vet were so kind. Dr. L answered all my questions before I could even ask them. And she assured me I was making a good decision - which is what I think I needed to hear most. I don't know that there is any way to make this situation comfortable, but they made it much more bearable. [If you have an exotic in North Carolina, check them out].

Anyways, his death was quick. A brief injection, a squeak, and then I held him as his eyes glazed over.

I came home to the empty cage and untouched food and the rumpled blanket where we spent our last day together cuddled up. Today I worked up the courage to clean it all.

This has been the hardest loss of all my pets. McFly and I were, to quote today's youths, tight. I am so grateful for a pet that actually loved me. Trust me - animals that like me for more than a belly rub are few and far between. I'm also grateful that he died on our terms - without too much suffering, quickly and quietly.

compliments of my little sister
I'll miss him to heaven and back, for sure. McFly was an amazing pet and we've weathered quite a bit together.

Anchors aweigh, little man.

I think I'll be off pets for a while.


PS. I feel it needs to be said, somewhere on the interWebs, that a sweet pet rat is so much cuter than a Corgi.


WallyD's taste of Alaska

Editor/producer/head writer/founder/upkeeper's note: Waldorf wanted to do his own post. So I let him. 

Hallo, meine Damen und Herren -

eet ees tru dat dees past veek or zo i travelled to the byoot-i-vul land oaf Alazka.

heer ees dees veek in pickchurz. furgive mein terrzibull eenglitch.

Grandma's haus. pickchas of leetil bRob

meine virst Morgen in Alaska

ve vent in a leetil plane to see da animalz.

i flew dees plane, beecuz i var so gut behaved and gut flyer.

"clam strips" - schmeckt lecker

 RAWR das baer

a leetil haus fuer a leetil boy

a beaver dam in denali

i am dee size oaf Alaska! hee

RAWR das baer

das pipeline

da state bird oaf alaska

ve var on a boat and eet vas colt
sehr colt
das aquarium wit das fishes


vas deelishus

ugly ducklings at da zoo

 ok. dat ees all.



Travels with Waldorf

Dear All -

    It seems that the only times I update anymore are when something big or something sad is happening. Well, today we've got both.

First of all, I would like to introduce a new segment called "Travels with Waldorf."

Meet Waldorf: 

Waldorf is my new travel buddy.

You should know that Waldorf is:
1) Not actually a German name. Having been in Germany for a fair amount of time for someone who isn't actually German, I say this with reasonable confidence.
2) Waldorf is the name of this really gross salad my mom makes every Christmas. It has mayo, raisins, broccoli, and onions. I can't think of a worse combination of things.

So, why did I choose the name Waldorf?
because it sounds so funny.

Where did I get Waldorf?
i rescued him from a McDonalds happy meal.

Why Waldorf?
Because I'm traveling to ALASKA with my grandma and little sis and second cousin. I don't know if she's my second cousin, but she's not my first cousin, so i am just calling her my second cousin.
BUT ALASKA!!!!!!1!!

also i'll be starting my big kid job soon and i'll travel a lot, and it's not good for girls to travel alone, right?

Why do I still eat Happy Meals?
so i can get cool toys like Waldorf, obvi

Waldorf is kind of a photo hog. He wanted you to see his entire outfit.
[You know how little toys can be, sometimes...]

So, the big part is Alaska! Wilderness! Travels!

The sad part is that my rat, McFly, is sick. In a terminal kind of way. But we're hoping the antibiotics makes it manageable for a little while longer. It's rough traveling without my sick pet, but he's in good hands, and I'm asking you to keep him in your prayers!

off to grandma's for the night, and then Waldorf and I will head off to AK. Internet access is not guaranteed, so we may catch up when we get back.

bRob and WallyD


Life, & Living It

Hello Webs -

This is not so much a post as an update.

Fact: I am still alive and kicking and doing things.

Fact: I am also a terrible blogger.

Fact: Maybe I'll change that one day. Today is not that day.

Over the course of the past month, I have moved out of that old dusty deathtrap of a house and into a sweet new gated community apartment with a few buds. Gated, kids. Come at me...but you can't. Because it's gated. [hah]

circa 2007?
My sister's visiting this week, and we've got a lot of fun things planned. Granted, we don't end up doing these things because we sleep in super late and then decide not to leave the couch, but we do, in theory, have fun things planned. Thus far we've seen the Madea movie, taken a tour of my dear Alma mater, eaten lots of food, and taken a plethora of naps. Trust me, the itinerary was way more exciting.

Also, true life, I've picked the cello up again. I played for ~9 years, on and off with private lessons. The cello is perhaps the most gorgeous instrument, and now that I'm graduated [bizarre], I wanted to put some of my free time to good use. You know, between the napping and the eating.

The frustrating thing, I think, is that I've played legitimately cool and challenging music on the cello - improv, Shostakovitch, the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song.... However, it turns out  my form is terrible. So here I am, four years after I quit, relearning how to hold the bow, what height my wrist should be at, and trying to get my dumb C-scales in tune. It is the most aggravating thing. I've played all these amazing pieces, but now I have to relearn the fundamentals, as I was apparently slopping through before.

In fact, if we're being completely honest here [which we always are], I'm only blogging because I was about to throw my bow out the window and needed to vent.

this is really all i want. is that too much to ask? 
to be able to do this?

Aaaaanyways, I don't know what I really wanted to accomplish with this post. Maybe I'm just avoiding punching a hole in my cello.

I'll catch up with you later, Webs - theoretically with more interesting things to say.



Awkward Truths

If you were to ask me which grocery store aisle is my favorite, and if I were to answer honestly, I would have to admit that I spent an exorbitant amount of time in the frozen food aisle last week. And not an adorably endearing amount of time - like when you see a single girl in a romCom picking out her lean cuisines right before she meets mister right and then only eats at fancy french restaurants - but a seriously messed up amount of time. Maybe fifteen minutes? I don't know. I paced up and down scavenging for dinner and tried to hide my face whenever anyone walked down the aisle.

Then I bought organic milk. I spent the whole [3-minute] drive home wondering what sort of person eats Red Baron frozen pizza while drinking organic milk.

On a scale from 1 to Hoarders, how gross is it that I haven't been washing my coffee cup between uses?

I dropped my dry shampoo in the toilet again, but on this blog, that has pretty much become a cliche.

So this one time when I was 11, I printed off the lyrics to My Favorite Things and memorized all 27 verses. I saw the Les Mis trailer the other day, and it's happening again. I've been perusing the YouTube for the past two days looking for the best rendition of I Dreamed A Dream and bouncing around my apartment singing it way better than Anne Hathaway ever could.

My roommate moved out and now I have no umbrella. Full disclosure: I've spent the last year using either the world's jankiest umbrella or my roommate's. Now I have nothing. NOTHING. Except for a few super-soaked walks to work under my belt.

But seriously, I am almost too ashamed to tell you this one:
Yesterday, when I went to the beach with some friends, I and my little eye spied a man with a peg-leg. He stood in the exact same spot for over an hour, so he kind of became our point of reference when the undertow pulled us down the beach. At one point I turned to my friends and said [loudly, of course, because it's me], "Where's Peg-leg? How do we know how far we've gone?" My friend leaned over and whispered, "That's his family, right beside us." His family then proceeded to get out of the water. I proceeded to duck under it.

I have started sleeping with my head at the foot of the bed. I think I just felt like mixing things up. It works because I haven't made my bed in a while and my comforter has just been kind of free floating in the middle of the bed.

keepin' it funky fresh.

PS -  that sign-off will be in next week's Awkward Truths, for sure.


InterWebs and I Aren't on Speaking Terms

InterWebs and I have not been talking lately...for whatever reason, the internet at my house isn't working. Which, let me tell you, during the summer time and freedom...isn't awesome.

Anyways, I graduated recently, and I have like twelve different post-graduation sentimental re-living memories  sorts of posts to post, as well as tons of pictures...but without internet access, I'm less than inspired.

Also, in case you were wondering, my dress is from modcloth. Also, I'm going to need you not to judge me for saying that. I've only ever been marginally fashionable one day in my life, so give me this one.

Hugs and kisses,

PS. Just kidding. I don't give out hugs or kisses.



I have two goals for the summer: get in shape [maybe] and become literate again.

I swear I've forgotten how to read, but I'm the hugest bibliophile. My bookshelf is overflowing with books I have yet to read, and I've recently expanded my collection, which makes this girl's heart a bit happier.

Thanks in large part to my friend eTuck - I picked up these beauties from the library. I think she's pushing me to move outside that romantic/comedy brain-candy genre...mostly. 

*I haven't read any of the following books, unless otherwise noted, and cannot vouch for their content - questionable or otherwise.

I'm especially excited to read The Lemon Tree

This next chunk of book porn is from my university's book sale. For only five bucks you can fill up an entire bag full of books. I went a little nuts. Oddly enough - I didn't buy any engineering textbooks.  I guess it isn't that odd - I love engineering, but there's so much more to learn or read about.

Here's my bag'o'books:

I've read a couple of the big comedic memoir type books lately [you could probably guess which ones], and my biggest complaint is that, while hilarious, they are fairly shallow and somewhat trite. Kind of coffee-tableish, you know? 

Alan Alda's book, however, is vulnerable, honest, and witty - real and funny all mixed up. I enjoy his writing.

 My roommate took one look at this book and told me it's going to erotic.
Let us hope not.

 Full disclosure: I bought this book because it looks old. It'll look divine on my bookshelf. 

Books on Jerusalem and Costa Rica - one day.

 I think the book on archaeology looks really cheesy...

This book is incredible -  a "treated victorian novel" - it's an art project or something.

 I don't know what possessed me to buy this book - I have a feeling it's going to be a downer.
If I ever actually read it...

Full disclosure: I bought this book because of the little man on the front.

 I found a giant art history textbook. A giant win, in my book.
[haha pun intended]

What a lame note to end on - a German dictionary.

I hope you haven't found this post too incredibly boring, though I don't know what you were expecting out of a post titled "Books".

This post is coming to you from my living room, where I am wearing awful bandanna - patterned blue pajama shorts, a tie-dyed t-shirt, and a Wisconsin* sweatshirt with a giant oil stain on the back from that one time I tried to change my own oil**. In case you were wondering.


* I have never been to Wisconsin.
** I did not succeed.
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