Do you ever wonder?

I wonder if the Lord ever gets sick of my nonsense.

I remember last fall when I was going through a really rough time, I cried non-stop. After a while, I don't think anyone cared anymore. I guess I can hardly blame them, but it hurt nonetheless. Nothing hurt more, however, than when someone I esteemed highly and considered one of my closest "people" told me that it was time to get over it. He got angry with me and blew up and told me to stop crying and that it was ridiculous that I wasn't better yet.

And it makes me wonder if sometimes the Lord thinks I'm such a silly girl (I don't mean cute silly, I mean ridiculous and aggravating). I wonder if He gets aggravated that I'm crying again, or disappointed that I've let myself get hurt once more.

And the Bible said the Lord removes our iniquities from us as far as the east is from the west. The Bible also commands us not to grieve the Holy Spirit. If I repeatedly sin, will the Holy Spirit finally say, "Enough is enough, Brittany. You're not listening, so I'm no longer talking." It makes me wonder if this time is the final time, if I've grieved the Holy Spirit so badly, that this time He decides to turn off our communication.

I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when I don't feel it. And I believe in God, even when He is silent.




a little behind

Mrm, hullo, friend -(I couldn't decide whether I wanted to sound like yoda or cookie monster just then...)

I'm about to go to a cookout, so I'll keep it brief and sweet [i'm just so darn popular].

Recently I heard a couple different sermons on the Holy Spirit, and really, it's changed my outlook on my relationship with God! God sent YOU, fellow Christian, His Counselor to live inside you. Never will you be alone or forsaken. When you have truly decided to live for and about God through the salvation of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit makes a nice home in your rib cage (not really...but inside of you for sure!) and acts as a guide, if you're willing to listen.
Awesome, right? I never really understood the Holy Spirit before...not that I will ever completely understand.

So, I learned today about subwoofers and speakers and tweeters. A speaker works when an electrical current powers a magnet that moves a speaker at a certain frequency. The reason you can't have one speaker that gets the really low sounds AND the really high frequencies is because it isn't physically possible.

A subwoofer has to have a material that can flex for those longer oscillations required of lower frequencies. A tweeter, by contrast, is for really high frequencies. Therefore the material of a tweeter speaker needs to be able to oscillate both tightly and quickly.

That is a very elementary explanation of speakers, but that's more than I knew before today.

Please have a wonderful, uplifting day (in case it hasn't been thus far :( )
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