InterWebs and I Aren't on Speaking Terms

InterWebs and I have not been talking lately...for whatever reason, the internet at my house isn't working. Which, let me tell you, during the summer time and freedom...isn't awesome.

Anyways, I graduated recently, and I have like twelve different post-graduation sentimental re-living memories  sorts of posts to post, as well as tons of pictures...but without internet access, I'm less than inspired.

Also, in case you were wondering, my dress is from modcloth. Also, I'm going to need you not to judge me for saying that. I've only ever been marginally fashionable one day in my life, so give me this one.

Hugs and kisses,

PS. Just kidding. I don't give out hugs or kisses.



I have two goals for the summer: get in shape [maybe] and become literate again.

I swear I've forgotten how to read, but I'm the hugest bibliophile. My bookshelf is overflowing with books I have yet to read, and I've recently expanded my collection, which makes this girl's heart a bit happier.

Thanks in large part to my friend eTuck - I picked up these beauties from the library. I think she's pushing me to move outside that romantic/comedy brain-candy genre...mostly. 

*I haven't read any of the following books, unless otherwise noted, and cannot vouch for their content - questionable or otherwise.

I'm especially excited to read The Lemon Tree

This next chunk of book porn is from my university's book sale. For only five bucks you can fill up an entire bag full of books. I went a little nuts. Oddly enough - I didn't buy any engineering textbooks.  I guess it isn't that odd - I love engineering, but there's so much more to learn or read about.

Here's my bag'o'books:

I've read a couple of the big comedic memoir type books lately [you could probably guess which ones], and my biggest complaint is that, while hilarious, they are fairly shallow and somewhat trite. Kind of coffee-tableish, you know? 

Alan Alda's book, however, is vulnerable, honest, and witty - real and funny all mixed up. I enjoy his writing.

 My roommate took one look at this book and told me it's going to erotic.
Let us hope not.

 Full disclosure: I bought this book because it looks old. It'll look divine on my bookshelf. 

Books on Jerusalem and Costa Rica - one day.

 I think the book on archaeology looks really cheesy...

This book is incredible -  a "treated victorian novel" - it's an art project or something.

 I don't know what possessed me to buy this book - I have a feeling it's going to be a downer.
If I ever actually read it...

Full disclosure: I bought this book because of the little man on the front.

 I found a giant art history textbook. A giant win, in my book.
[haha pun intended]

What a lame note to end on - a German dictionary.

I hope you haven't found this post too incredibly boring, though I don't know what you were expecting out of a post titled "Books".

This post is coming to you from my living room, where I am wearing awful bandanna - patterned blue pajama shorts, a tie-dyed t-shirt, and a Wisconsin* sweatshirt with a giant oil stain on the back from that one time I tried to change my own oil**. In case you were wondering.


* I have never been to Wisconsin.
** I did not succeed.


Awkward Truths

"i can kill some fried chicken"

tried to hit the main food groups

"i wonder if they  have shrimp cocktail up in this joint" 

we're the fun Bible study




I think I might just sleep forever. 3.89 all-nighters in a little over a week.

Longer letter later,



Das Leben des Maedchen

[The life of the girl]

These past few weeks have been crazy busy with projects. And not cute DIY art projects where I make my own lampshades or dye my own headbands [this is not the blog you are looking for]. These projects are the kind where you design your own distribution center or improve rotor production at a local aircraft supplier. For example.

and now it's finals time. Studying is not going super awesomely right now. If you know me this semester, then you'll understand. If you a) don't know me or b) haven't seen me in a few months - senioritus has hit HARD. Believe it or not, I used to care a lot about school and earning delicious grades - it was kinda my shtick. Watching me study now, however, is probably somewhat comparable to watching -- ok, I can't think of a metaphor (simile?) dramatic enough. But it's disappointing.

Also, I've been thinking about some things I've been struggling with, and how tedious and, full disclosure, sad it can be to face some of the same challenges again and again. This isn't melodrama, this is me being real with you. Some days I would rather ignore or even give into my struggles.

I remember reading this about a year ago, and it seems pretty relevant:
“Make no mistake,' He says, 'if you let me, I will make you perfect. The moment you put yourself in My hands, that is what you are in for. Nothing less, or other, than that. You have free will, and if you choose, you can push Me away. But if you do not push Me away, understand that I am going to see this job through. Whatever suffering it may cost you in your earthly life, whatever inconceivable purification it may cost you after death, whatever it costs Me, I will never rest, nor let you rest, until you are literally perfect - until my Father can say without reservation that He is well pleased with you, as He said He was well pleased with me. This I can do and will do. But I will not do anything less.” (C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity)

Truth. The journey to perfection does not always follow the easy path I'd prefer. And in those moments it can be so tempting to push the Lord away. Sometimes I do.

One thing I rest in, though, is that I have a God whose love is unwavering, despite my hesitation and reluctance. I know that one day I will look at that hesitation and think how nonsensical it is. How can I run away from the one Person who loves me perfectly and wholly?

My accountability buddy and future roomie, J, made me this incredible paper chain. Whenever I am struggling, she told me to take one loop off the chain and read what's inside.

Isn't that incredible? She's a beautiful person. God has blessed me richly with her friendship.

Anyways, on a less serious note...

In case you haven't heard about my life recently -  I've decided to postpone grad school for the time being. In what I think was sort of divine, a kind of dream job presented itself, and I have signed on as an entry-level consultant at a virtual firm.

And by virtual, I mean I get to live wherever I want and travel a lot. Seems aight to me.

Also, I don't begin work until this fall, and all of my summer plans have fallen through...so...you know, plan something fun and invite me. Ok?

Just kidding.

but seriously.

In the meantime, I've got to study for some finals. Just a little bit longer...

a highly irrelevant picture.
i took the manufacturing club on a tour of the a local brewery...where they manufacture beer...
also, no one from the club showed up, but some other IE friends did. 


PS - I want to say a big THANK-YOU to all of my readers! This past month was Conversations' biggest month yet! While that may be due in large part to a Russian spam-bot and people googling for pictures of Ron Swanson without a beard, I'm still encouraged! Your sweet [or sassy =] comments are always wonderful.
Here's some Webs love for you:
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