Early Morning Lessons

Psalm 56:8

"You have taken account of my wanderings; put my tears in Your bottle. Are they not in Your book?"

I've heard it said that God keeps our tears in a bottle, but I really thought that was mere poetry someone came up with. I guess the psalms are poetry, but they're definitely God-breathed.
I learned that God really does keep our tears in a bottle. And I find that extremely encouraging that the LORD knows and cares about me so much.

Now I know.


Life lessons

Quote of the day: "Sometimes I forget and try and use Ctrl + F when I'm reading a book...a real book." "That's what the index is for..."

Anywho, let me give you the background on today's little nugget. In my cubicle, we've got some pranksters who love, should one be foolish enough to leave her computer unlocked, to mess with either your email or settings. Last Friday, "I" sent out an email to a superior asking him to take out my trash. Which then got forwarded to other people. I even have a note telling me to lock my computer, and it's still an epic fail.
Moving on, the prankster responsible for this heinous act taught me a new trick today.
I learned that if one presses Ctrl + Alt + [down arrow key], the screen flips upside down. Don't leave your compie 386 locked, guyzzz. ;) I have tricks!

Now I know.



So, I learned yesterday that blogs have themes, sometimes. And I want to have a successful blog. Syllogism-ically speaking, if I want a successful blog, I need a theme.

The theme of my blog is:::::::::
What I am learning. Daily. In life.

I like learning.

Last Friday, I learned that hamburgers have recipes. I honestly thought that hamburgers were just hunks of meat with worcestershire sauce in them.

But now I know.



Because I only wish I was fashionable, but I actually am not fashionable, someone suggested I call other people out on their fashion in this blog.

So here goes:
Brittany Melton, you did not pull off that sweater vest today. Try again tomorrow.


B could be a better baller.

I don't really know what to say on a blog, but I feel like no one would really want to read it. I feel like there should be a purpose for a blog. I mean, we've all seen Julie and Julia.

I am ready for the 10K this weekend, I think. It should be a ballin' time. Not the 10K, but the rest of the weekend.

In other news, I just ate a poptart. Low fat, don't worry.

On to MOESSSSSSSSS. I was too lazy to run today.

I discovered Lauren's blog, so that's pretty exciting.

Can this be enough for one post?
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