My God is so big, so strong, and so mighty.

These past few weeks have not been ideal. It's been a rough couple of weeks, between school work and personal drama and blahblahblah. I pulled a couple of Martha's, and I want to try to focus more on my spiritual growth than on whatever it is I find to preoccupy my time. And also, I bought a rat, as seen here. His name is McFly (that's right - back to the future). To be quite truthful, I wanted a girl (don't tell him that), but this was what Petsmart had to offer. And if you've seen me within the past week, you'll realize I'm absolutely obsessed with him, so I guess it wasn't such a bad purchase after all.

Moving on. The REAL reason I wanted to write a post was to share something that is, to me, a little profound. Did you know...
God created each and every one of us???

Now, before you roll your eyes, listen here. Some people see how big God is when they look at the sunset or the Grand Canyon or the ocean or something like that. And that is wonderful (and really cliche), but that is not what gets me.

When God's greatness and vastness really strikes me in the face is when I look at other people.

I am not a people person, per say. I don't love people, I don't want to hear everyone's story and love them and hug them. It's not how I am. In fact, all too often, I am aggravated and in sheer amazement of how someone has managed to step all over my absolute last nerve.

Do you know anyone who makes you take a step back and question your whole outlook on life? That person that doesn't seem fit into any logical equation, and it drives you bonkers? You know, it's that person who makes you pull your hair out and go, "I have to meet her parents. Maybe something somehow will make sense if I know who raised this person."

And it's in those sorts of people I see the vastness of God. You see, Jesus wants to be my very best friend. He does, I know. And the thing is, He is overcapable of being the absolute bestest friend I could ever have. He will fulfill my every need and will encourage me and discipline me and make me laugh and be there when everyone else lets me down.
And guess what else? He can be that Best Friend for ANYBODY. He IS that best friend for the girl who drives you bonkers. That person that makes absolutely no sense to you, that person you want to roundhouse kick in the face, that person who has hurt you in every way imaginable, that person whose life is so different and undesirable to you - Jesus wants to be, and is more than enough to be, that person's BESTEST friend as well.

Did you get that? He is so dynamic, so wonderful, so immense, that He has the ability to be every individual person's absolute best friend. He's not a little of something for everyone...He has the ability to be everyone's individual everything.


So, if you see someone who makes you want to punch a care bear with frustration, or there is a homeless person that creeps you out, or someone takes advantage of you, or the weird kid who picks his nose and plays dungeons and dragons (oops, did I just stereotype?) sits next to you, keep this in mind:

Jesus wants to be his or her best friend too. He loves them EVERY BIT as much as He loves you.

God created ALL of us. The crazies, the cheerleaders, the obnoxious kids, the ones who wet the bed, even the left-handed folk and the gingers (haha, I'm a ginger, so that was ok) ...He made each and every one and loves each one uniquely.

That's how big MY God is.

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