Happy Birthday, Reen-Bean

It's my little sister Marena's birthday

Welllllll, technically, that was yesterday, but due to feeling like death has glued itself up my congested nostrils, Conversations is celebrating today.

Happy Birthday, Reen-bean!
Proof that, at one point in time, I was the tall one.

All of those fish are dead.

This girl is way taller and way cooler than I will ever be. No joke.
She's like the Fonz to my Urkel.

Also, she has better hair.
And a better tan to my sunburn.

Happy Birthday, Cool Kid! 

I hope you still piggy-back me around when I'm super old and really fat.

PS - A special birthday shout-out to my cousins, Ryan and Michelle! I hope you both have a sweet day with people you love!


Awkward Truths

so, that happened.

While driving home this evening, I was about 67% certain for 4 solid seconds that I saw a U.F.O. 
By using my deductive reasoning skills, I am now 83% certain it was merely a weirdly-colored mid-highway streetlamp. The other 17% of the mind boggles...

I ate at a Mongolian buffet today, and I am not too classy to say I unbuttoned my skinny jeans in my car afterwards.

After a long day that ended an hour ago, I began the rest of my evening with a plan to do work. Instead I ended up here. With you.

I almost blogged today about ringtones that stink the most. That would be both nasty and lame. bRob needs to get un-grumpy.

During worship today, I got very frustrated over an "it's" instead of an "its" in the song lyrics on the screen. Do you think having decent grammar counts as a spiritual gift? Or a sign that someone is a little too concerned about things that absolutely don't matter [except they do sometimes].

After looking over some friends' blogs, I am very unimpressed with my own DIY skill-level. That is to say, I am feeling largely inadequate over the fact that I have none.

Side note: I hammered a really cute thing on my wall the other day. I'm going to take a picture of it and show it to you. You, of course, are going to be impressed, not necessarily because it was difficult, but rather it shows an initiative on my part to do something with myself besides watch hulu and go to class. Even if it is just nailing a cute thing to the wall.

Months later I still haven't moved my alarm clock an hour forward. Or backward. Or whatever it was we were supposed to do.  I just switched to using my phone for my alarm...

Someone told me to google myself to see what future employers might find if they looked me up. I'm pretty sure that one truth alone is enough to never get me hired ever. Luckily for me, bRob is not my real name. Does that shock you?

I can't breathe through my nose right now so I'm sitting here with my mouth gaping open like a trout.

And on account of being pathetic and sickly and being able to breathe out of only one nostril, I am going to sign off here before my truths disintegrate from awkward to nonsensical.


sometimes I want to add -atropolis to the end of my name. Would you take me seriously if I signed off bRobatropolis?

See, this is what i'm talking about. I shouldn't have continued typing.


How Are You Feeling?

Hey guys.

I'm in such a charitable mood today, and also I have a paper due later this afternoon, so I decided the best thing I could do right now was to come up with a song to make your day.

I don't actually know how you're feeling, though, so I've picked a song for every mood I can think of.

Are you feeling:



Like you're in a really cheerful movie montage?

Ok, when I'm heartsick, I'm kind of a wallower. I just like to wallow in emooootion. I'm pretty sure I listened to this song 70 times during my last breakup while shoving Bojangles french fries in my mouth and not chewing.


You ate too much?

Ok...only the first five seconds might be applicable.


Going to the cupcake shoppe?


Ready for Finals?


NO ONE saw that coming...


Downtrodden but carrying on?

Strolling in a sunny Tennessee Town?


Like you're watching Cheers?



Like telling your local blogger that she has the coolest blog on the block?

I feel like I've adequately addressed all of the important feelings.



The Swagger of a College Kid

Class has been in sesh for about two weeks now, and I thought you deserved to know what my schedule looks like.


8:30 - Maybe the worst graduate class in the world.

The professor spends the majority of the time joking around with his graduate student broseph. Broseph feels like it is his personal mission to break every silence [and non-silence]  with questions and personal anecdotes and a series of unhilarious jokes. Which compliments the professor's non-stop series of unfunny jokes.

I almost raised my hand and asked them if the professor and his bro would like to continue their conversation after class.

Also, I haven't figured out what this class is about yet.

10:15 - Senior Project

We spend this time talking about how to communicate and talk to companies and not make bumbling fools of ourselves.

I'll be working with a company that makes rotors for airplanes. Also, I found out the president of the company taught my Sunday School Class way back in the day. I, professional as ever, made sure to tell him so, giggle, and shake hands really awkwardly.

12:30 - Self Defense

Learning how to bust up a criminal's nose.


11:30 - Something about facilities and planning them.

1:30 - Quality Control.

Someone should have told me when I took statistics a bazillion years ago that it actually mattered for every single other class I have to take ever.

6:00 - Fiction Class

I decided to take a fiction class for fun. Someone asked me why I didn't just decide to read more...

To which I respond, "Because I love the sorts of people that take an undergraduate english class and hearing their suuuuuuper deep insights into Pushkin's short stories."

It's funny because it isn't true.


Same as Mondays...except...
1:30 - Canoeing

An eclectic mix of extremely outdoorsy parks-and-tourism students and chacos and patagonia. And then there's the clumsy nerd girl who can't get into the canoe. Can you guess who that is??


Same as Tuesdays...except...
3:30 - Country Dance

There is an overwhelming amount of cowboy boots and camo in this class. I don't really know what I was expecting out of a class called, "Country Dance." And then there's the clumsy nerd girl who can't turn in the right direction. Can you guess who that is??

One guy finally just picked me up and turned me around.


In theory I would sleep in, as I do not have any classes on Fridays. But I'm spending all my life trying to inject some juice back into our school's manufacturing club.

I won the presidency in a hotly contested race against no one. And this one club takes up more time than all of my classes combined.

So. There's my semester. I decided taking three PE's was a good idea, but now I realized that actually attending 18 hours worth of classes is somewhat of a time-suck.

Oh, hindsight.

What's your schedule look like? Crazy? Fun? Whatever it is, I hope it isn't boring.




I really want to blog right now. I think it may be due, in large part, to the fact that I have a quality control assignment due in two days.

Things to note about this graph:

It is 100% to scale and accurate. My desire to blog really is at infinity right now.

My hair is aMAZing. Something like the hair of an Amy Adams + Brad Pitt + Taylor Swift love child.

My inability to draw a straight line is the only thing holding me back from an art major.

It is legit-ish copyrighted. Serious.



Hey Girl, Hey

Hey InterWebs -
This picture has nothing to do with this post, but studies show that posts with pictures get more page views. Or at least my stats count shows that. So I picked a picture where you can't tell how weird my bangs look and how many post-holiday chins I have. Also I read Mindy Kaling's book and spent the entire week after that wishing I'd become a comedy writer. You know, because I'm so good at consistently writing hilarious things, like on this blog and stuff. 

    Don't give up on me yet. This was the first week back at school, and I've been feeling extra snarky and sassy, so keep showing up to catch some of the running commentary I've been playing in my head.




Bye Bye, Little Nugget

Hey guys -
    Just a quick post to let y'all know that Mariella, my little rat, died today.

It was kind of a shock, because for the past few days she'd been getting much better, it seemed. She was gaining weight, she was being feisty, and she seemed more energetic. However, overnight, something went really wrong - maybe something gave out. I don't really know, and I don't understand, but today she was very limp and couldn't move at all. Luckily my roommate and I got back in time to be with her when she died.

Anyways, at least she isn't suffering anymore. I want to say a BIG thank-you to all of the friends and family that have helped me take care of her this past week. Giving me suggestions, buying her food, helping me feed her, showing me how to give her medicine...thank-you for all the sweet texts, emails, and comments. And thank-you for your prayers.

I'm pretty sure that there isn't any Biblical basis for a pet heaven, but if there was, I'm also sure Mariella would be in it. She was the bomb diggity. She hated being held, she was insanely squirmy, she was very good at running on the wheel, and she loved stealing food from her much bigger cage mate, McFly. She was extremely nosy, but simultaneously cautious. Also, she had a horrible sense of balance. It was really adorable and endearing.

My sweet little nugget is gone.



I was just thinking about how frustrating it is when God doesn't answer prayers in the way that I want.

Mariella is still struggling to breathe. I don't know that she's any worse, but she certainly isn't any better. This is a gross situation. I was hoping that the LORD would take her or that I would see rapid improvement over the course of the night. But that is not what is happening right now.

I don't know why, and it's really difficult to see such a little creature struggling so much. But I have faith that the LORD knows what He is doing, and if I have to put Mariella down tomorrow, I guess the LORD is using this time to prepare me for that.


prayer request

Hey guys -

   My baby girl rat, Mariella is super sick. If she doesn't start breathing easier, I'm going to have to let her go within the next day or two, according to the vet. At this point, her breathing is so belabored that I just want her pain to end. I'm praying that the LORD either take her quickly or heal her soon. If you would, I'd appreciate your prayers too.

  I've been feeling so guilty, wondering why I didn't take her to the vet sooner. She's in such poor shape. I've been sobbing pretty much all day. Which was pretty awkward, I think, for the cashier at Target, where I pretty much decimated the shoe sale rack while drowning in a pool of sorrow. Come to think of it, it was probably pretty awkward for the guy at Lee's Chinese food too. Side note: Do not try to listen to this song if you're also trying not to cry.

Anyways, please pray for my sweet girl. For healing and the ability to breathe easier and for the effectiveness of the antibiotics. Also that she starts drinking water and keeps eating. And gains weight. She's only bones, right now.
Pray pray pray.

thank-you so much. i love this girl a lot.

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