Awkward Truths

I really outdid myself this week.

that's just how my face looks. 

I walked directly through a funeral procession. I was a little confused, because the procession didn't stop at the intersection when the light turned red. A hearse driver waved me through...or held up his hand for me to stop. I couldn't really tell, so I bolted. I mean, it's not as if a hearse has a reason to rush...right?

I can't use chopsticks, and I went to the one sushi restaurant on the planet that doesn't take pity on people like me and provide forks. I ate sushi with my fingers. In public.

While I was playing with my robot in the lab the other day, a happy family stopped and watched me through the window. The only thing is that I can't figure out how to make my robot move forward, much less do anything awesome, so they sat there and stared as my robot rotated one inch forward over the course of two minutes. The family gave up and walked off, presumably to find something more interesting to watch, like grass growing.

The jewel on my crown of shame:
While out with a friend the other night, I pointed out that the guy sitting behind him looked just like Ray Lamontagne, the love of my life. My friend, despite my loud protests, walked over to fakeRay's table, told him my name, and then walked off, leaving me sitting alone and staring directly at fakeRay in awe. I was like deer in headlights as fakeRay turned to look at me, chuckled, and proceeded to turn back to his friend and continue his conversation.

RUDE. Real Ray would never do that. I debated whether to cry or kick my friend in the back of the knees. I opted for grabbing my phone and pretending I had fourteen texts to answer.

While walking past a bunch of frat boys playing football the other day, I walked face-first into a low, twiggy branch.

You've gotta laugh to keep from crying, right?



For My Mom

This is my Mom.

Today is her birthday. [29th?] 

She is a working professional woman and former valedictorian of her high school. She has worked extremely hard to get where she is today, never taking no for an answer, and not letting her circumstances define her.

I owe her a lot. She is the one who taught me perseverance. When I'm tempted to quit, or if everything goes awry, she's the one who will find another way to make it work. To my mom, a closed door is just one roundhouse kick away from being opened.

By the grace of God, I have a mother who didn't tell me I could be excellent, but rather expected me to go fight for excellence, no matter what the odds. Without her, I would have settled for mediocrity a long time ago.

Mom is fierce, determined, and a force to be reckoned with. I'm glad I was raised by a woman with such strength - she never stops teaching me what it means to be unstoppable.

Thanks, Mom.



Dear European Readers

Is this true?

"The United States as Seen By a European"
via buzzfeed [via reddit]

Hah, oh 'Murica.



Being Right

"It is nobler to declare oneself wrong than to insist
on being right - especially when one is right."
- Nietzsche
I hate being wrong. I hate stepping back in an argument, and knowing that I'm right but holding back near kills me. In that respect, this semester has been quite the growing experience. In the past I would have argued and argued relentlessly until I'd won.
However, I'm learning that preserving relationships is more important than always being right. Loving my neighbor, loving those around me like Christ loves them - these things matter more than proving someone wrong.
So I'm trying to pick my battles, use wisdom, and do things in love (1 Cor 16:14). I don't roll over should someone disagree with me, but I'm learning to let certain things go.
One of the girls in my Bible study spoke words of wisdom and encouragement the other day:  It is your job to present the Gospel; that's the most important thing. And if that means letting someone else be right when you know that he or she is wrong, then that's what you have to do. God sees what's happening and knows what you're doing is hard.


Post-Sunday Jams

Sunday Jams kind of fell apart, but I've got this song running through my brain grapes.

I think there are really two takes on the Proclaimers:
a) weird bordering on creepy
b) all kindsa awesome

What do you think?



Awkward Truths

Because I'm forever awkward.

This is what I look like every time  I do homework:
a) zebra -striped snuggie
b) vest
c) notecards strewn about
d) two cans of diet soda
e)staring blankly at the screen

My roommate convinced me to go to group workout. I stopped working out every time the instructor stopped looking.

I finally got around to watching some of my class's lectures online (because I never pay attention the first time around). I either need to stop sitting on the front row or do something about my hair, because apparently I am on camera.

The walls of my duplex are thinner than I thought, and the kids next door are either having babies or making them. 

 It made me giggle.

I got stuck sitting between a couple [...] at a large table the other day. They proceeded to play footsie across me. Rude, amIrite? Next time I'm going to slip my foot into the mix and see if they notice.

Super senior year is not a good look for me. I've given up and lost the will to try. I went to the library today unshowered and in my pajamas. When I told my grandma, she looked horrified.

Apparently my grandma thinks I'm gross.

A dirty old man at the alumni luncheon I attended spent a little too much time leering and making me sufficiently uncomfortable [that's the last time I change out of my pajamas for the rest of the year].

Still haven't gotten the taillights fixed.

I brought someone  a cupcake the other day, but I took a corner too quickly and the box tipped over. The box was sealed, though, so I couldn't tell if the cupcake made it or not. When I handed my friend the cupcake, I tried to make a joke about Schroedinger's cupcake. I was the only one who thought it was hilarious. I guess that's all that really matters, eh?

Probably my most embarrassing truth yet: I just got a twitterbecause we've all been so desperate to follow every single one of bRob's thoughts in real time, right?
You are very welcome to follow me @ bandInterWebs or just leave a comment on this post with helpful tips for using twitter.
It's got me a little bamboozled, to be quite honest.

Do you have any awkward truths to share? Or are you all incredibly charming and suave  =)?



Weekend Fun

Well, last weekend's fun. This weekend will be spent writing lots and lots of code.

I went to the Renaissance Festival last weekend with some friends - have you been to one before? It was my first time, and there is so much to see!

how precious is she?

man that thing was so creepy
Andy and his "hot" fairy

the "fairy rock:"

A little princess

Are you doing anything exciting this weekend?

Stay warm and have fun!



That's Not Very Much Love

Josh Is Hollywood via asdfghijkllove

Readers, I love you more than a whale on your monitor, mk?

Ok, I've got another schmoozefest to attend. Jealous? I probably get to drink unsweetened tea that I will sweeten with approximately twelve packets of Splenda while trying to not lose circulation in my belly button because of my panty hose. But there's probably dessert. 



Discussion: Can Music Ever Go Too Far?

Since we've got a few more readers [Hey guys! Glad you're here!], and because I'd really love to interact with you all a bit more, I wanted to start a little discussion about something I wonder:

When do you think music, artists, and lyrics go too far?

brown dress with white dots

Are there certain artists or songs you won't listen to? Why? Are there things that are simply too offensive? 

I'm not merely talking about the gratuitously explicit stuff
How do you feel about songs that talk about suicide or dwell on death
Songs that have misogynistic undertones? 
Songs that speak casually about drugs?
(even my future husband, Ray Lamontagne, mentions cocaine in one of his songs.)

Would there ever be an artist you wouldn't listen to simply based on his or her beliefs/actions, like when  people boycotted the Dixie Chicks after they openly criticized Bush? 

Or do you consider it all noise?

What are your thoughts? Do the meanings of songs or the actions of their artists ever prompt you to change the station?

No judgement here, just curious!



Because I am Well-Versed in the Art of Being Beautiful

Guys. Guys. GUYS. Guess what? 
Today I am over here on Paperbacks + Postcards, giving away all of my best beauty secrets [...haha]. 

Paperbacks + Postcards is a wonderful former Blog of Note, and Amy is also British, which means I always get to read her posts with a British accent running through my head.

Please go read, if you haven't yet =)

If you're new here at Conversations, thanks for stopping by!



TechniColor: Magic

Designer Elsa Lambinet via colossal

DIY modular chocolate squares! 

Tony Assness for Vogue Living Australia via a subtle revelry

decorating a table with salt mounds and slender candles

Eric Pfeiffer for the The Utility Collective via a cup of jo

desktop whale

sexy.action.planet via  asdfghjkllove

headphones in every color at urbanears

an amazing weekly addiction 

Architect Vincent Callebaut via my modern metropolis
a conceptual, sustainable skyscraper that absorbs carbon dioxide

Luci Everett via designworklife
lovely mixed media pieces by Luci Everett

Ben Warheit via the best medicine

kntting work: plainliving via a mad tea party with alis, styling: Akira Ishikawa, photo: Osamu Koizum
knit chairs

Flick Chicks: A guide to women in the movies 
by Mindy Kaling [writer for The Office]
my roommate asked me if  i was dying because i was laughing so hard as i read this article

 via a cup of jo

 minimalist children's story posters by Christian Jackson 

brown dress with white dots

 one claire day via sf girl by bay
a sweet space

via buzzfeed
a magnetic cello

This Glass To Him, The Good Spirit
Sebastiaan Bremer via escape into life

 Sebastiaan Bremer's work is sparkling.
 the pop art feel of the colors against a vintage photograph is magical

To be nobody but yourself in a world that's doing its best to make you somebody else is to fight the hardest battle you are ever going to fight. Never stop fighting.
- E.E. Cummings

Richard Clarkson via dornob

an adult cradle that rocks gently backwards as you fall asleep

Iris Apfel on HM HIPPIE

found via sf girl by bay's post "Girls Who Wear Glasses"

cupcakes and cashmere

"mermaid nail" tutorial

tktj design via lovely package

clever design for packaging honey

 via pleated - jeans,  source?

been there

Photographer Tim Walker via oh hello, friend

a campout in the library would have absolutely blown my brain grapes when i was a kid

imgur? via buzzfeed; source?

an alarm clock
we are so lucky to live in a world where this is a thing

I Need Nothing - a nearly useless odyssey from C√£oceito on Vimeo.
via colossal

a clever music video

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
And through the rivers, they will not overflow you.
When you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched,
Nor will the flame burn you.

Isaiah 43:2


PS - tomorrow will be a VERY exciting day for Conversations, so stop by!


This Seems Exciting

Is it, really?

If you search for the phrase "My Praguers understand me," a famous quote by Mozart, my blog is the second search result across the whole wide Interwebs.

That's exciting, right?

So I google myself...you've done it too, I know you have.


Sunday[ish] Jams

Better late than never, ja?

My favorite road trip song:

Seger makes me want to get in my car and just drive west. 

well, Seger and the mounds of work looming before me. Not to be super dramatic or anything, but I'm probably going to die either of boredom or papercuts this semester.

happy post-Sunday & pre-Monday/


ps - i did NOT make this video. just so we're all clear.


Some Awkward Truths

Approximately half of the lights on my car are working right now. Typical.

I wore the same pair of jeans four days in a row this week. Depending on how I feel tomorrow, they may make a fifth appearance.

Let's get serious here, I'm probably going to see how long I can get away with my burnt out car lights. [Unless you, dear reader, are a traffic cop. In which case I'm only trying to be funny.]

My diet this week has consisted of macaroni & cheese and chicken nuggets.

Probably the one successful dish I've ever made, practically from scratchish. Find the recipe here ;) I added the bacon bits! This is coming from a girl who screwed up a baked potato.

Partially because I hate folding laundry and partially because this week's been straight outta crazyville, I slept under two loads of laundry dumped haphazardly on my bed. [I was almost too embarrassed to tell you that one...]

Also, spell-checker had to correct my misspelling of the word 'embarrassed'. Embarrassing.

Despite my vociferous protests against all forms of the pantsless pandemic...I'm currently wearing leggings. I know, I know, hypocrisy is strong with this one.

I decided getting this week's free cupcake was more important than getting to class on-time. [...I still do. Unless my parents are reading this, in which case I'm only trying to be funny.]

canadian maple bacon
believe it or not, one of the best cupcakes i've ever eaten.
the maple frosting was almost as delicious as the bacon baked into the cupcake.

What are your awkward truths of the week? I'm all about some full disclosure.

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