Hey, InterWebs -

    I am over here today for a rad interview. It was a lot of fun, so...



In Memoriam: Mike

You may remember that I have been babysitting a little man rat named Mike for the past week. This morning, I woke up to find that Mike has passed on over the course of the night..

Baby Mike

    Rats are relatively unconventional pets. However, they are intelligent, sociable, and insanely adorable, and any pet you raise with the love Courtney had for Mike is going to be near and dear to your heart.  And Mike was extra special. 

     He is, to date, the sweetest rodent I have ever met. He would lick your hand with a big, sloppy tongue, and, unlike most rodents, he loved to cuddle and be petted across his roly-poly back.

    His mother loves him dearly, and, when watching them together, you can tell he loved her a lot too. They'd been together since Mike was a li'l one and definitely had  a special bond.

    I have no doubt that God cares a lot even for His littlest creatures, and by the grace of God, Courtney happened to come visit Mike just yesterday morning, his last day here. I am so happy they got to play together one last time. 

It is heartbreaking to lose a pet that is so precious. Say a quick prayer for Mike's momma, if you have the chance.

So long, sweet Mike. You are missed.


Substance Coming Soon

Oh, sweet InterWebs,

   This is going to  have to be the last day of my life without caffeine. I ran out of soda and didn't have a chance to sit down and get my drug dose until after 7pm., at which point I downed two cups of [white] tea, which I think is a weak sauce excuse for caffeine. Albeit delicious. Unfortunately, I've got this throbbing headache, which I'm pretty sure is a result of caffeine withdrawal, and my left eye has been twitching all day. The eye twitch might not actually be the caffeine... [it actually started while playing ice breaker games during rock climbing today. social interactions stress me out.]

I'm currently [struggling to write]/writing a paper on  real time systems, and by paper I mean one-paged-blurb.I don't know what it is about my focus tonight, but this paper is just not happening. Where is my manufacturing muse when I need her [is it sexist to assume muses are female? are there male muses?] ??

Anyways, I just want to assure you, InterWebs, that once I get back on my feet, I will blog again with full force.

There is a LOT of cool stuff ahead, and I'm not just saying that to trick you into coming back tomorrow. I legit have neat things about to happen to this blog.

Until then, know that I love you THIS MUCH for being so patient:

and feel free to play while you wait.

til later,


Cinderella Castle

FINALLY, a castle that is actually a castle. 

Erin and I spent my last day in Deutschland touring the lovely Neuschwanstein castle.
Also, the inside of the castle was not that glamorous. Partially because it was never completed because king whatshisface died. Ah, schade.

The famous "Neuschwanstein" Castle, which at one point housed Louie the Somethingth. I think.
Better known [?] as the Cinderella Castle.

The King [or duke? no, I think it was a king...i think.] was pretty obsessed with some swans.
Me, I would probably pick a fiercer castle mascot. Like maybe a liger. 

Gettin artsy.
And I don't really know why there's a giant awkward lump of rock growing off the side of the castle.

"While eating and drinking, one should not forget God." [it rhymes in German]

I am super proud of myself for translating that, because it is not written in modern German, but rather some archaic German. Or just really bad German. Who knows? [Not this chica.]

Erin and her shingles!
Shingles, by the way, is not an STD, in case you were confused like I was.

"Hey Hon, we're going hiking up a really steep hill to see a castle in the hot hot heat today!"
"Oh sweet I'll put on my special occasion outfit."
Black leather is super appropriate for everything.

The castles were situated on a mountain overlooking the most beautiful blue lake.

Rowing on the lake. 

A shack?
You should know that it is super against the rules to take pictures on the inside of the castle.

But I am both clever and sneaky, so I did it anyways.

Until the tour guide lady yelled super loudly at me.
In front of a group 50 odd tourists.
Yeah, that was a little bit awkward and embarrassing for me.

And probably for Erin. Probably.

This "effect" is called cinema scope.
I like it. Though it doesn't really seem castle-y.

And on the way back from the castle, Erin and I stopped to look at the world's largest KFC, located in Munich. It has its own parking deck.
You are a little jealous, aren't you?
What a special way to end my summer in Europe.



Do You Remember That Time I Went to Paris a Month Ago?

Long overdue - so sorry! 

The pictures are all out of order, but I bet you can tell we had a pretty good time anyways. 

By the way - read the review I wrote about our hostel. Ahem.

(Not in Paris) - some other town in France

Onwards to Paris.

By the way, it's a really good think I painted those little sausages, because otherwise I would have been the only girl in Europe without fancy toes.


The "beach"

Oh that would so not fly in America.

FRENCH onion soup
genuine french cuisine

Completely ignoring the Eiffel Tower and sliding down the stairs instead.
I like the way she thinks.

The Louvre

Gare de Lyon

Celebrating Native American heritage in Paris since...this picture was taken.


Someone sure is serious about her eating

Did you know that there is a woman who married the Eiffel Tower? I tried to find a good article about the "marriage", but a lot of them were contradictory as to the woman's condition and history. I'll just let you google it on your own.

Photobombing comes naturally to this one...
Love it.

it has to be around here somewhere...

A poorly timed jumping picture in front of Notre Dame

This guy came up and hugged me and then got super-offended when I told him I didn't want him in my picture.
Well, there I go again, offending the Europeans.

I can't even pretend to know how to say the name of this church correctly.

The most vicious light you've ever seen?

I hope it was worth the wait =)


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